Grass Fed Halal Cuts, Aged Tender Meat, Wagyu and Black Angus

Fine Australian Halal Beef for Delicious Dining

You pick your premium halal beef preferences from Nach Food Co’s diverse range of premium beef cuts. Select from the finest grass and grain-fed beef, aged tender beef, MSA-graded and Halal-accredited options. Indulge in the sought-after Wagyu Beef or Black Angus.


We work with the most reputable fine meat producers in Australia. We want to make sure we offer the highest quality meats to our local and international customers. 

Experience the Premium Halal Beef Locally and Internationally

The fine beef you get from Nach Food Co. is known for its exceptional eating quality. The beef is raised in clean natural Australian lands with fertile soils, abundant rainfall, and lush green pastures. That is how our growers nurture the succulent superior halal beef.

Tailored Beef Supply for Your Domestic or International Venue

Whether you want portion-controlled or bulk beef meats, Nach Food Co. will match your needs. You’ll be assisted by our experts in selecting the right cuts for your purposes. 


We supply you with branded products as well. Branded products can help you market your signature dishes, give your establishment a unique identity and increase your customers’ desire to come back for more. 

Commitment to Superior Service and Export Quality

You can expect high-quality service and meat delivery from Nach Food Co. With a well-developed network of suppliers and experience in logistics and export, you can expect to receive your fine beef with its quality intact, whether chilled or frozen, domestically in your Australian venue or internationally in your overseas premises.

Why Choose Nach Food Co

In Nach Food Co., you will find your premium partner in fine beef. Be a premium business and be known for your fine beef dishes either locally in Australia or internationally in your overseas venue. Drive your success with Nach Food Co.’s premium halal beef and other halal meats.

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