Australian Lamb for Local and Global Supply

Premium Halal Spring Lamb

Internationally known for its full flavour and tenderness, Nach Food Co. spring lamb is sourced exclusively from premium Australian growers. The lamb we source is cross-bred or Merino, depending on your requirements. The meat is selected with care to ensure the highest quality and taste. The spring lamb is Halal accredited and grass-fed; that’s how it gets its succulence and superb flavour.

Quality Halal Lamb from Local Victorian Growers

The halal lamb comes from local Victorian growers committed to producing lamb of exceptional quality. The clean, natural environments and nutritional pastures of Victoria provide the perfect place for our lambs to thrive in.

Tender Lamb Cuts Matching Your Requirements

Choose from a range of tender lamb cuts to cater for your culinary needs. Pick your preferences to suit your menu or your food establishment’s other requirements. From delicate fillets, succulent chops and tender roasts to flavoursome racks, hearty shanks and whole carcasses, we will ensure your meat reaches you, either chilled or frozen, with its flavour intact.

Commitment to Halal Lamb Supply Domestically and Internationally

As experienced meat suppliers, we can deliver your meat to you, chilled or frozen, anywhere in Australia. And with our years of experience in exporting meat, we will supply you with quality halal lamb either by sea or air freight, no matter where you are located in the world.

Why Choose Nach Food Co

Delight your customers and food venue guests with a premium lamb selection. Partner with Nach Food Co. today and get to experience lamb, other premium halal meats, and quality service.

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